Retail may be hard, but getting paid should be easy.

Team Merchant works with retailers of all types to help reduce fees and find the best payment processing solutions tailored to their unique needs. Whether you process payments (or wish you could) in-store, online, or on-the-go, we can build the best solution to help retailers grow their business - all while saving money on excessive fees.

You're probably paying 25% - 75% too much.

With Level 2 & 3 discounts from Visa® and Mastercard®, merchants who process business, purchasing, or corporate credit cards can slash the cost of accepting those payments by up to 75% - depending on the transaction amount. From wholesalers and manufacturers to accounting firms and attorneys, Team Merchant helps businesses design new solutions and update existing processing systems to qualify for these discounted rates.

Industry specific solutions from analytics to Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.

We know the service industry and understand that finding the right mix of Point-of-Sale (POS) system, support, and affordable rates are essential to your continued success. Team Merchant’s goal is to help identify processes and technologies that can be improved and fees that can be busted so that you can focus on food, drink, and the bottom line - not payments and POS vendors.

Team Merchant has #paymentstacks.

e-Commerce requires multiple components, from payment processors and acquiring banks to payment gateways, encryption, and analytics - all of which need to work in perfect harmony. That's why we are experts in #paymentstacks. We provide payment processing solutions, consulting, and partnerships for e-Commerce and specialize in analyzing, designing, and implementing those solutions to create customized #paymentstacks. Whether merchants want to add a component of e-Commerce to their website, or a developer is looking for an affiliate partner program, Team Merchant has #paymentstacks.

"Higher ed accounts for 17 percent of all personal information data breaches…"*

Schools and universities are institutions vulnerable to attack due to the size and scope of the services they offer. From parking garages, cafeterias, and sports stadiums to online donations and tuition payments, educational institutions process payments in a multitude of ways. Our payment processing experts team with you to analyze, design, and implement secure payment processing solutions.

Processing for healthcare shouldn't cause pain for the patient or provider.

From small medical and dental practices to large hospitals, payments are a part of healthcare. We have partnered with leaders in healthcare payments to provide solutions proven to increase collections, reduce overhead, and improve the patient experience.

It's #notallaboutprofit.

Non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, charities, and foundations often have some of the highest fees in payment processing. We don't think that's right. When we team with a nonprofit, our first goal is to be #notallaboutprofit. We offer discounted solutions and consulting to help nonprofits - allowing them to focus more on doing good.